Are you a small business owner who leaves your tax return to last minute?

Tax Returns Made Easy

  • Gets your admin done quickly
  • Helps minimise your tax bill
  • More time for what you love doing

The MoneyIQ App is perfect for getting tax returns done.


About the Money IQ App

Basis of design is simplicity. Not written by accountants but written to be straight forward.

Simple to use

Intuitive design based on ability to write a "list". All screens use same principals, you'll be up and runnning in seconds

No accounting to learn

Oh the joy of just getting the job done without hassle. Just create a list of income, expenses and mileage records

Direct link to tax return

Once you have finished entering data for the year, alert us and we will sort out the tax return, job done!

Easy payment terms

Pay monthly to spread the cost, no big surprises and you will know the tax to pay or the rebate you'll get

Protected data

Secure UK servers, backed up data

Go anywhere, any device

The browser based software works on any device, adjusting the screen size seamlessly

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  • Full use of MoneyIQ App
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MoneyIQ is a concept developed by Paul Way


Although working in the accounting world for the last 20 years, Paul has always found accounting systems frustratingly complex for most business users. When his customers also starting moaning Paul decided to do something about it.

So he starting wondering how could you create a simpler solution that would be better suited to the majority of people who didnt need all the "extras".

His own experience of running an accountancy practice with a network marketing opportunity gave him a starting point which he then refined over a number of years. The decision to take it all online was the latest step in making a simple to use, easy to teach system available for all.

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